Often used to pass along some cruddy job you don’t want to do to the next person down on the food chain. A screwdo is also handy if you have a nice insult for someone but want to wrap it in a pretty compliment.
Example 1: (when using to pass along a task to someone else):

Bossman: “Listen Peon, you did such a great job on putting together this marketing plan for me, I think it would be a fun project for you to take over and handle from now on.”

Peon: “Skittles, I just got a screwdo from my boss.”

Example 2: (when using to wrap an insult in a compliment):

Kensington: “Wow you look really good. Have you lost weight?”

Scarlet: “Um. What are you saying? Did I not look good before? Nice screwdo, Kensington!”
by calicoblonde & TFN August 12, 2009

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