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Adjective; Adverb;
A descriptive word to used to denote something as really cool, fly, hot, awesome; or really horrible, bad, or lame.
Dude, that trick was screwby sick.

Whoa, you lost all that money? Screwby.
by Andrew La Brier August 27, 2008
A word invented by Stafford in Generation Kill meaning either "that sucks" or "that's cool".
Chaffin: She's a bookkeeper.
Espera: Cockkeeper.
Stafford: Oh, screwby, dawg.
by MananaFizzBitch August 01, 2008
A marine who constantly fucks up...a mix of a newbie, and a screw up.
Yo, that fucking screwby shot himself in the foot today.
by Tkeyler July 30, 2008