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1. When someone sitting near you stares at your screen. Especially annoying when using Facebook, AIM, or sites that have 'sketchy' advertisements. This is similar to eavesdropping.
OMG, I was sitting in class the other day having an intense conversation on AIM, and the person next to me started screen-dropping...so annoying
by Dreidel October 21, 2008
A form of eavesdropping whereby a passer by or associate stares at the activities underway on one's screen, uninvited and unwanted, much to the discomfort of the computer's user.
Teen A - "So I was in ICT class the other day and I had some pictures of some bare celebs up, and Mr Milton totally caught me!"

Teen B - "Shit off, I bet he ran off and got you into loads of shit!"

Teen A - "Nah, the weird thing was... he just stood there and hoped that I wouldn't notice him. Classic Screen-Dropping if I ever did see it!"

Teen B - "Top notch."
by Disdain August 29, 2008