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A rare and exciting variation of Fellatio in which the administer screams as loud as possible while doing the deed. This creates an extra vibration sensation for the receiver. Frequently referred to as a "Screamer"

Tracy: What the hell is that noise?

Ted: Oh, thats just Judy giving Chris a nice and loud Screamjob.
by Hexus_525 October 05, 2008
When one person screams at another person's penis
While I was getting ice cream the other day, I noticed an employee being berated by their boss because they wouldn't perform the scream job that was being asked of them.
by SkaBrah May 23, 2015
The act of a girl/guy screaming while giving a blowjob. This can be due to the dislike of giving said blowjob, or for the erotic pleasure of the reciever.
My girl friend was having a bad day and gave me a scream job. We broke up the next day.
by BDDCAWHI February 22, 2010
The act of screaming while giving a blowjob, resulting in a muffled screaming sound.
"Man, I got the best screamjob last night."
by Spaghett October 13, 2008

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