Screamcore is a genre of music similar to jungle or breakcore. But instead of drum samples, samples of random people screaming are sliced and used as the base of the music.

Jimmy: "The fuck are you listening to?"

'Eh-- EH-- YYAAAGH-- ERGH-- AUGH...'

Domenick: "You mean you haven't heard screamcore before?"

'wwwwwwwwrrrrrraaaaaAAAAAA-- AA-- AAA-- AA-- AAA---'

Jimmy: "...No..."


Domenick: "You're missing out."
by Eldrich Baba Ghanoush April 06, 2014
What that little bitch on youtube (Jessi Slaughter) who got pwnd by 4Chan and the Internet Claimed to be.

According to herself and various troll sources, ScreamCore consists of scene look-alikes;

Usual Attributes
-Pure Stupidity
-Have Perfect Lives
-Genuine "goof ups"
-Don't Choose labels
-Drink till they Pass Out
-Fuck till they bleed
-Want you to get AIDs, I mean really Want you to get AIDs.
-Have the Best Parents Ever.
ScreamCore? Isn't that what that one bitch who got pwnd on the internet claimed to be?
by ertmerm July 18, 2010

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