all things bad
After you threw up on my shoes I was most scraw.

by Scrawlejandra Spellmonster November 10, 2008
Top Definition
An expression signifying strength, dignity and nobility as well as superiority over an inferior person or thing. Can be used at seen fit.

May be used as a challenge, but must be said at an excessive volume. A screeching voice is also very important to the proper deliver of a "Scraw"

Also used to create and break up an awkward silence simultaneously, or to express your dislike and/or confusion towards an individual or an object.
Examples of Scraw:

Ex 1:

Matt: Daniel, why are you wearing bowling shoes?


Ex 2:

Daniel: So what were you guys plann-


Ex 3:

Teacher: Stop talking you two!

Matt & Daniel: *Three second pause*...SCCCRRRAWWW!!!
by Acoustio & Nod December 03, 2009
A Scraw is a "Go-To" WHITE friend who is; talented, reliable, intelligent, and seems to always be at the right place at the right time.
Pronounced: SK-RAH

(while waiting in an obscienly large line..)

-You: "I forgot my wallet in my car."

-Typical 'Friend': "Well, go grab it. I'll hold our spot in line."

(Just then, a Scraw arrives unannounced and right on time, as usual.)

-Scraw: "Here, let me spot you some cash, you can just get me back later"
by ScottyDew January 29, 2011
Acronym for Super Cheap Reliable Awesome Weaponry.

Commonly made by Russians, Examples:
-AK 47
Freedom fighter 1: Dude we need weapons quick

Freedom fighter 2: Let's Go SCRAW shopping

Freedom fighter 1: When's the next plane to Moscow leave?
by Boomchickaboomboomchicka December 02, 2011
A larger woman's vagina. Usually the woman has had little to no sexual contact, therefore it cries out with a terrible sound, SCRAWWWW

"What was that?"

"Oh just my yearning vagina."
by drunkgirl69 January 15, 2012
the ring around your crotch
don't touch my scraw
by *** January 26, 2004
1 The act of mating with your sister, mother, and getting rear ended by your father at the same time. 2 See pritching.
John: Holy shit I heard that pritchard scrawed last night.

Jane: What the fuck is wrong with him.
by zzpritchardedz August 10, 2010
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