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The act in which two individuals make physical contact by scraping their teeth together.

This cannot be done easily in a natural situation, like kissing. The two people must position their heads and mouths awkwardly, in a manner in which they can rub their teeth against anothers.

The sensation created is similar to eating with a fork, and when you pull the fork out of your mouth, it makes a distasteful "scratching" noise. The feeling may bring about numbness, hysteria, and a temporary deafness (due to the shrieking noise created when the teeth collide).

It has been said that scratching teeth may replace waterboarding as a form of torture in the near future.
Christian- "Did you hear what Justin did last night?"

Dan- "Yeah. He was totally scratching teeth with that girl from Utah. Yuck!"

Christian- "We need to get him to the nearest psychiatric ward."

Dan- "We'll do it live."
by El Capitalist June 02, 2009
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