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One of the very few known animated examples of an asshat.
Scrappy Doo, Scooby's nephew, is an asshat.
by adonkeyisaass December 22, 2003
77 12
Used to describe a kid whos irritating and/or a complete wanker. normally associated with those kids that think theyre cool and hang around you the whole time pretending to be tougher than they are when in actual fact nobody likes them. have a tendancy to go hyper and chat random shit.
"That guys completly scrappy doo"
"Hey scrappy! shut the fuck up!"
by dimsum May 16, 2005
37 19
Like the character in the cartoon, a person who is Scrappydoo is a person who seems innocent or weak or small, but can seriously kick some ass, if provoked.
Mitch seemed so wimpy until that guy flirted with his girlfriend, then he went all SCRAPPYDOO on his ass.
by Sakeenah February 06, 2009
7 1
The tiny remainder of marijuana left inside the baggy.
Dude, let's pack the Scrappy Doo into the bowl.
by JtotheZ July 27, 2007
15 18