Scranton is a city in north-east Pa that is, and the only way to describe it, fucked up. Built on coal when that shit is what people used to keep from dying and heat their homes in the winter (even uppity fucks from NYC who think they are a self sufficient planet and could secede from the universe)but has fallen on hard times as has the industry. The people who live there have been festering resentment at everybody while at the same time trying to maintain their dignity and history. Also, it is close to NYC and Philly so intelligent and entrepreneurial criminals set up shop there to take advantage of the situation. What does this mean, Scranton has idiosycrancies that are both cool and weird. Is so fucked up that it cannot be compared legitimately to any other city. And is a place where some kind old granny will fry you up a batch of pierogies with mangoes (green peppers in Scranton) if you ask her nicely, or some meth head will shank your spleen for the last of your warm beer. Was the home of the Molly Maguires, the original gang who fucked up shit old school. Google it sometime.
The urban planning in Scranton is thus: church, bar, church, church, bar, crackhouse, university, bar, church, bar.
by ThunderMummy October 27, 2005
richie, you probably lived in a welfare townhouse, nothing to be proud about, you probably had to come from NY to scranton to run away from the police for your drug pushing, bc you sound like you dont have much of an education, im from NY and you give us a bad name you welfare public housing living living off the gov't white trash scumbag...ur pathetic
boys from scranton are pretty boys, girls from scranton are beer sluts
by lala January 05, 2005
A popular Chinese soup consisting of broth and noodles.
I always order scranton soup when we go out for Chinese food.
by Cpt.Flint August 26, 2005
lala where in newyork are u from n there preppy hicsk n look at all the fukin wiggers that walk around sayin im a hick whts up dogg n u can stfu bitch
lala is a little bitch from scranton
by richie January 07, 2005
guess what dumb motha fucker i heard it was the safest city from your news wnep and you think long island isnt new york you cocksucker at least long island has housing projects in hempstead freeport roosevelt and other areas where the fuck are scrantons and why is scranton almost 100 percent white long island has 150,000 black and 150,000 spanish ppl thats more than the whole fucking city times like 4
so ha you say scrantons bad
scranton is all wiggers
by richie April 21, 2005
i am from valleystream long island i lived in an townhouse with an alleyway the whole bit it was pretty urban then i moved to scranton the most backward stupid hick fukin place in the mothafukin world they are all wiggers or punks hicks the little fukin hicks think they are so fucking hard it histericle thank god i moved back to new york
people in scranton are hicks and the steamtown mall sucks n scranton is the 2nd safest city in america asshole
by richie January 01, 2005
The dirtiest, most Faggiest,place i've ever had the DIS-pleasure to "visit"! I heard they were going to rename it
"Inceston", Scince 99.9% of the population is the result of inbreeding. Funny thing about Scranton... no dentists! At least I think there isn't, scince none of the "Scrantonions" have anymore than three (3) teeth in their blowholes! At least to live on "Strong Island" you need to have a good amount of CA$H, infact my toilet bowlcost more $ than any so called house in that shithole!
The town "motto" for Scranton is...
" Come to Scranton,the city where incest is best"!
by mavros April 14, 2006

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