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second safest...haha very funny. Crime hasn't been reported within the city limits in 12 plus years, as apart of the ex-mayor James P. Connors attempt to cover up drastically high numbers of violence and drug trafficking. He started covering it up in order to not lose state grant money from Harrisburg to fund the police department. Currently cops are being sourced from other cities to help combat a recent surge in crime that has plagued the area because of the resurrected heroin trade. So, safe, nahh, not really. Bad and hard, maybe a little bit, no more than anywhere else. Scummy, dirty, filthy, and low quality of life definately describe it. Heading down a path of destruction, most definately!
It seems to me Long Island boy suffered from a beatdown or mugging in Scranton, otherwise the nigga wouldn't be so damn offended. It's a shame when you claim to be hard and you're from Long Island, it's not even New York. You probably were robbed and beaten and had to leave because crackheads were harrassing you. If you were as gangster as you claim to be, you would realize Scranton is a goldmine for New York drugs....ask 50 Cent
by spool April 14, 2005

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