Titled ( Asshole/Armpit ) of the country. Lots of coal, stupid people, some decent restraunts and things to do. Some good things came out of scranton. Scranton is better than hazleton, glen lyon , tamaqua but far from good place to live.
Lets go to scranton and go to the stupid bar pool hall

Home of the steamtown mall
by lars February 24, 2005
is for hardcore people only, is somtimes to hardcore for ur face.
when u look at it u will think this place sucks alot. but then u notice how hardcore the people r in it, then u realize all there hardcoreness rubbed off onto the buildings and the streets, creating the suckyness.
pizza by pappas is there. what else can i say?
by Harry Kerns November 02, 2004
Scranton was once a thriving city during the coal mine era. It was nicknamed "the Eletric City" because of its Elitric trolleys that ran through downtown.Although they haven't exsisted for 50+ years...We are still reffered to as the eletric city. The mall of steamtown sucks, its filled with little punks who think they are cool who can't go anywhere else on weekends. So they just reside to the steamtown mall. Its decently close to NYC and Philly, so we get all of their drug dealers since we are so conviniently located in between.There are about 3 clubs in scranton and about 50 resteraunts. Some people seem fascinated with the trains...(usually new yorkers). And scranton has become somewhat famous for trains at Steamtown.No one calls Subs, Subs instead call them Hoagies, and pizzas aren't reffered to as pie's. So there you go Scranton....
Chris : What chu' doing tonite??

George: I'm going to go drive around scranton hoping to find some Hoagies.

by jake_lag July 14, 2006
An old city full of old people, Scranton has become the butt of many Hollywood jokes over the years.
Hey, let's make Scranton the shitty city in our shitty script!
by dilliver October 17, 2007
second safest...haha very funny. Crime hasn't been reported within the city limits in 12 plus years, as apart of the ex-mayor James P. Connors attempt to cover up drastically high numbers of violence and drug trafficking. He started covering it up in order to not lose state grant money from Harrisburg to fund the police department. Currently cops are being sourced from other cities to help combat a recent surge in crime that has plagued the area because of the resurrected heroin trade. So, safe, nahh, not really. Bad and hard, maybe a little bit, no more than anywhere else. Scummy, dirty, filthy, and low quality of life definately describe it. Heading down a path of destruction, most definately!
It seems to me Long Island boy suffered from a beatdown or mugging in Scranton, otherwise the nigga wouldn't be so damn offended. It's a shame when you claim to be hard and you're from Long Island, it's not even New York. You probably were robbed and beaten and had to leave because crackheads were harrassing you. If you were as gangster as you claim to be, you would realize Scranton is a goldmine for New York drugs....ask 50 Cent
by spool April 14, 2005
i went to scranton one time, it is a really ruff place i got my ass kicked by 2 wiggers. Richie you need to shut your face because there is no way you would last five seconds in scranton its a hard place. if you look at a wigger wrong he will shank you, i know what its like to be shanked in the A and thats what would happen to you if you went to scranton!! biatch
Scranton makes NYC piss its pants
by bigpimpson May 04, 2005
Scranton in no way compares to NEW YORK, people who think they are hard that live in scranton, need to take a trip to ny and see how it goes...Long Island is def apart of ny, its that upstate shit that doesnt count. The only thing to do in scranton is get drunk. what kind of place has clubs that close at 2 am, come to ny the night doesnt even start till then.
" I am from scranton and my entire closet is filled with clothes from Walmart "
by JojO D September 19, 2005

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