"Hot-Boxing" one more blunts in someone else's drive-way
I scraffed all over my neighbors
by Scraffmachine April 28, 2010
Top Definition
Casually urinating in public, usually in a park, mall, or airport, but can be used in any place but a toilet or urinal. "Scraff" is not used in emergency situations in which a person really needs to pee. It is only used when a person only kind of needs to go, but goes just to be a dick and piss in public.
I just when to the Natural History Museum. I saw some cool things, had lunch, and took a nice scraff.
by James O'Jaymzo Riley August 08, 2011
getting high off nothing, being highly excited

also, scraff face: very excited facial expression, widening the eyes and smiling very large.

scraff dance: dancing around with a huge smile on your face while holding four fingers up, moving them uncontrollably.
nika and i were scraffing the other day at the park!


*does scraffle dance* WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *rolls down a hill laughing..*
by rosheen November 16, 2006

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