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1. Tormentor: Somebody or something that is perceived as an agent of punishment, destruction, or severe criticism.

2. whip: a whip that is used for inflicting punishment.

Can also be used as verb, being scourged;

1. Punish somebody: To punish or criticize somebody severely.

2. Whip somebody: To whip somebody severely.

The scourge of his childhood.
by Jafje March 31, 2007
A long overdue derogatory term for ignorant Caucasian people.
Today I was smoking a cigarette outside work and some scourge came walking up trying to sell me a block of cheese.
by jonas chibaa July 12, 2009
Being the scum of the earth / People who are lower in scociety than snake shit. People often linked to this word are called Alan
You are the scourge of the workplace / you are the Alan of the workplace
by Buffa11o February 01, 2013
skɜːdʒ n.

1. The plant cannabis.

2. The intoxicating effects of the cannabis plant when the plant is consumed.

tr.v. scourged; scourg-ing; scourg-es

1. to have smoked marijuanna - to be affected by marijuanna

2. to be smoking marijuanna

3. smokes marijuanna
originating from the anti-cannabis mocumentary "reefer maddness" in which marijuanna is called a "scourge to humanity" repeatedly

1. Marijuanna is a SCOURGE of the youth.

2. this is one fucking crazy SCOURGE.

1. He was so scourged last night.

2. She is just scourging right now.

3. He scourges a ton!
by smoke weed bitch July 10, 2011
Swarm, gathering
The scourge of bees was overwhelming for the defenseless hitch-hiking group.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
A source of widespread dreadful affliction and devastation such as that caused by pestilence or war.
Mamadred was the scourge of the south.
by Greasy May 19, 2005
Used as a verb : To run away from something, usually the police .
Hey nigga! These mofuckin' pigs(police) be rollin' up in our shit! Man, nigga, we got's to scourge!(run)
by Justin AKA FriedRice May 29, 2006
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