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A sophisticated cougar.
(Jeff Little) Check out that cougar, she's hot.

(Jeff Macrea) No, she's not a cougar, she's too sophisticated....she's a scougar!!
by Jennathan February 28, 2009
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A skanky cougar
The older lady at the club wearing clothes her daughter should only wear; the lady who thinks shes hot and wants to show off her midsection.....usually seen in large super centers where discount clothes help the scougar be a scougar
by scougrhuntr November 19, 2010
1)A senior citizen cougar.
2)A cougar, an older woman seeking love from a younger man. A scougar, a much older woman seeking love from a younger man.
3)One who is a grandmother or over the age of 60 who seeks the love of a younger man.
1)Thats not a cougar, thats a scougar. She old as dirt.
2)You kiddin me, her daughter is a cougar, she's a scougar. She got grandchildren!!
by Christoph, The Mitch &The Don April 21, 2009

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