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An incredibly attractive guy who treats his girl like she is the only one in the world. Generally awesome, intelligent, and caring, he is a genuine good guy. Unique, with a casual confidence in his masculinity. Unafraid, he is a protector, but also very lovable. Muscular and sexy, hot, and a bedful - this is every girl's dream come true.

Occasionally seen around the gym, performing a radio show, and near ice cream.

A Scotticus is the natural evolution from a Scott, usually around level 17. Usually criticized as egotistical and narcissistic, he really just loves life. Never one to back down from doing what is right or standing up for those he cares about. If there is one person you want on your side in life, it's a Scotticus. He's also definitely not gay.
Man, Scotticus is better than Taylor Lautner and Tom Felton... combined!

Friend 1 - "Where's Scotticus?"
Friend 2 - "It's 4 o'clock, probably doing his show"
Friend 1 - "Not on a Wednesday, man. Quick, check the ice cream bar in the cafeteria!"

Yes! My Scott turned into a Scotticus!
by Von Galt and His Girl December 03, 2011
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