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Played "Luke" on the hit WB show "Gilmore Girls". He was the grumpy diner owner in the town of Stars Hallow. Also, Lorelai's (Lauren Graham's) love interest/soulmate. Scott is currently starring on the CW comedy, "Aliens in America" and has guest-starred on many series, including "Seinfeld, where he was deemed "sponge-worthy" by Elaine. Recently, Scott was seen on the big screen in Saw 4, and is currently shooting Saw 5.
Scott Patterson/Luke quote from "Gilmore Girls":

Lorelai: How does Charlie Rose screw up your REM sleep?

Luke: Because he's always got some guy on pushing a book about how everything's all going to hell, or they're going to pass a law, how everyone with a nose ring is going to get shipped off to China. Suddenly you're depressed, thinking we're all going to die and don't drink the water, there's anthrax in my bagel - and bam, there goes your REM sleep.

Lorelai: Or Mel Brooks is on, and he is so funny, and you think, "What a wonderful world we live in, that there's a Mel Brooks to go to sleep to."

Luke: Mel Brooks is never on Charlie Rose, and when he is on he's talking about Nazis, and then you go to sleep and you dream about Nazis and they all look like Nathan Lane, and you're creeped out for days.
by Kristen =] April 10, 2008
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