a scorpion punch is also a pinch or a stinging sensation.
Man! I really got a scorpion punch on my arm!
by Jeffrey Paul July 26, 2005
Top Definition
To jab your middle finger in someones ass or vagina and then curl the finger and pull out fast.
after a long hard day at work I like to give my wife a good scorpion punch.
by travis Luce February 23, 2004
alright i lied... this feels pretty damn good!
my boyfriend, the insanely hott travis luce gave me a few good scorpion punches and i had countless ORG@SMS! its was incredible!
by Stephs gonna lick ya! ;^P March 18, 2004
To fiercely jab someone with your fingers on the top-left or top-right of the torso. This is designed to be incredibly painful if done correctly. Upon successfully scorpion punching someone, the attacker must yell "BITCH!" in order to claim supremacy over the victim.
Nick: "Please don't scorpion punch me!!!"
*scorpion punch*
John: "BITCH!"
by allsyx May 03, 2011
the only permittable "scorpian punch" is to the belly button which feels insanely cool!!
same definition as above just in the belly button!
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