The term "scooter trash" generally refers to motorcyclists who are not organized into a more formal group. It is proper to refer to a group of middle-aged grey-beard types as scooter trash. Scooter trash can also refer to a group of teenagers and 20somethings on plastic Japanese motorcycles. Generally, scooter trash consists of harmless, relatively nice people who ride motorcycles. Biker gang members are not scooter trash.
1. Hey, check out the scooter trash on those crotch-rockets! Lets follow them; they probably know where the cool chicks hang out.

2. He is a good rider. He has been scooter trash for a long time.
by Rook's Buddy May 09, 2010
Top Definition
A biker who embodies the credo of "ride to live, live to ride," and who can usually be found with a shovelhead leaking oil on the nappy shag carpet of his rented, one-room, first floor apartment. White trash + scoot = scootertrash.
I went into the Sundowner saloon last Saturday night, and it was filled with scootertrash.
by Poet June 20, 2006
1)Badass sportbike stunt team from detroit michigan.
2)Crazy muthafuckers on expensive motorcycles.
3)People who like destroying expensive motorcycles.
Ladies and gentelmen,please welcome scootertrash.
by Joe Strange December 07, 2003
Term for a chav/skally who turn 16 (sometimes) and steal a "ped". Always a 50cc 5 year old moped with stupid looking silver stripes and a pathetic looking/sounding "racing exhaust" (yes because people race moped all the time huh?). Not to be confused with real motorcycle LEARNERS who will progress on to bigger and better bikes, these piss poor wannabes will soon be trading in their "pimpin wheels" for a used metro to pose around in.

Commonly seen with 2/3 chavs to one moped running from the police, safety equipment worn usually involves a t-shirt and the usual tracky bottoms for the boys, same for the girls but think jackets with furry collers add style points.

Very occasionally a 50cc field bike can be used instead, but these have less room under the seat for white lightning and so are frowned upon by most in the scooter trash alternative.

Scooter trash like to travel in groups when possible, forming a scene like that of the Adidas advert with the famous footballers riding around on Lambretta's at 20 mph. They can be found regularly posing on their "ped" in town centres, surrounded by a large group of lesser skallies who have not yet found a ped to steal.
"Ning Ning Niiiiiiiiiing"

Biker one: "Is there a fly around here somewhere?"

Biker two: "Naw just scooter trash comin up the road"
by GSXRocker750 February 16, 2005
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