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Used to as a completely generic, flexible word that describes an affirmative or negative according to its connotation

Also can be used as:
Nada Scooms (also defined)
Q: How was the party last night?
A: Scooms, i had fun...

Q: How was the party last night?
A: Nada Scoomz, super lame...
by J Isk December 29, 2008
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Marijuana, preferably of dank quality. May also be know as Scoombapa, or the ol' boo radley.

Derives from the ancient stoner word, scarfield.
Man i was so scoomed, i ate a pizza and left a second one in the microwave.
by The great Scoomba February 11, 2011
A silly thing Grime MC Ghetto says when he's overexcited. Similar to "brap" or "zoop", or in the old days they used to say "boo" or "boom"
Oh gosh this tune is dumb! SCOOM!
by The_Ambassador February 05, 2009
Damp Patch, moist area left behind after sex
The highs of sex are always followed by deciding who was to sleep on the scoom!!!
by swannie September 22, 2004
A harsh broth made from 2 herbs grown in the English southern moors. Used for cough, constipation, difficulty breathing and after giving birth.
She was a witch in disquise, brewing scoom in her cast iron kettle in the dark of the forest.
by Pinky Swear June 14, 2007
Egotistical inbred highlander, closely related to the butt monkey
Oi scoom, what the f*ck you talking bout?????
by craig September 22, 2004
the coolest smartest hunky chunky almonds dude ever to grace the planet
fuck me look its scoom
by scoom September 13, 2004

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