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To steal or take unexpectedly.
Can also be used as an exclamation preceding or immediately following a theft.
I just scoofed your wife.
SCOOF. your chips are now mine.
by ARTheartsDinos October 11, 2010
A "dumbass" or idiot.
A funny or shady character.
You are such a scoof!
Wow, that hobo over there is quite the scoof.
by Frank Guidice May 22, 2006
A scoof is a small measurement of liquid approximately equal to one 'sip'.
Can I have a 'scoof' of your juice please?
by Gavin Woodwards May 11, 2005
A word used to describe a brief and strange action or sound; it is an onomatopoeia.
When Jeff threw that crawfish at Pahoo, one of the claws scoofed across his blown out afro.
by Nick Lateur April 03, 2004
Dumb, Ditzy
That Blond girl is so scoof.
by Danny B and Maranda December 22, 2008
A very peculiar expression that has it's roots in Bowling Green, Ohio (as far as I know). Originally a group of friends used the term 'poof' to express 'promise on our friendship'. For example:

'Let's smoke a blunt.'
'Are you going to poof?'

Eventually 'poof' evolved to a general term for friendship. Obviously it has a different connotation in different contexts, but the other definitions of the word were largely ignored.

It also just so happened that this group of friends really, really loved their cocaine. For whatever reason the phrase 'snort cocaine on our friendship' evolved, and shortly after the acronym 'scoof' did as well. I'm not sure how widely used it is, but if you ever encounter someone in BG using the word then you know what's up.
Let's scoof!
Let's get scoofed!
Scoof a loof poof-a-snoof?
by Columbian Candy April 30, 2006

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