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to scife; be an out of line female; to ditch a planned setup; to annoy a male; to think you can order someone to do something; be totally and utterly out of line.
__ex. 1

bro 1: Damn bruh, this breezy is dodgin' me now. Shes forsure scifing us.

bro 2: Scife'n hoe!

__ex. 2

bro 1: Wow, this broad is blowin me up.. even after she tried to get me to come over. In the daytime!

bro 2: Shit mane, you definitely got a scifer on your hands.


bro 1: This girl thinks a house date with her friends is acceptable.. even before she let me clapskie.

bro 2: Tell that girl to get her scife'n ass outta here!


Scifer no Scifing!!!!
by Rusty T. B. Shackleford September 19, 2010
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