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a dumb ugly girl
look at that schwap ass biatch!
by nej February 16, 2004
11 21
An adjective used to describe a something that is low end, not good, laughable, pathetic or embarrassing.

Also commonly used to describe low quality marijuana.
That bud is schwap. I need some dro.
by JoeDro May 11, 2011
26 13
to pound, sip, drink, swig, or otherwise consume alcohol.
Bro, lemme schwap that brew
by Dirty Downstairs November 24, 2005
32 24
to strike one with the back of the hand in the penis
"i schwaped him so hard he's a girl now"
by kshiz September 14, 2006
23 22
to have sex, or fuck.

Synonym of to smoosh.
"Did you schwap or just hook-up?"

"We totally schwaped"
by MissKill October 13, 2010
5 14