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In Basketball: to make a shot all net, with swag. This is no ordinary all net shot. This is a $wag shot. After you preform the Schwamp correctly, you must then yell out, "Schwamp!!"

Extra Definitions: 1. to cool, to have swag. 2. To get girls like dribbling a basketball... it's easy. 3. To smack haters. 4. To describe a girl that's so fine.
That boy Kobe was just schwampin it all day.

I schwamp daily.

That dude better not come over here, causr I will schwamp him

Yo schwamp ain't better than mine.

Bro... you just got schwamped.

That girl so fine, I just wanna schwamp that.

I got a chick that's so schwamp!

I got a schwamp.
by SlickTheEnigma January 18, 2011
10 5
To speedily maneuver around cars or road obstacles
We gotta schwamp this one
by schwamp beast May 07, 2010
4 2
The swamp. Commonly used by crumpets (the black kind). See: Net doh.
"We go net doh to da schwamp."
by Schwamp September 09, 2007
0 6