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Someone from a relatively large family. All Schwalms are well endowed and want to have sex all the time and everyone wants to have sex with them.

Derived from the french word, "virile", Schwalms are so strong and so hot. Everyone wants a piece.

Always loyal, everyone wants to be friends with them, but they'll only chose the best of the best to hang around.
Known saying: "When you go Schwalm, you can't go wrong"

Known tongue twister (repeat three times): "Schwalm, Schlong, Swamp" or "Donkey Schlong Schwalm"

Julien: "Yo, Schwalm is such a good room mate! He cleaned up the toilet for a hole hour!"

Hot girl1: "Yo, this guy gave me a superman that hoe' yesterday night!"
Hot girl2: "It wouldn't be the first time. You've been Schwalmed again!"
Hot girl1: "I miss having sex with Schwalm"
by christinester March 05, 2010
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