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The beloved brother of Gino at the Cornell Phi Psi lodge ca. 1970s. His accomplishments are many, including, cashing a hat, sleeping on a washing machine, knowing Ava Gadro's number, collecting airline vomit bags, being a very close friend of Del Ron Constantino and being well aware that in choosing hair products, as in life -- "a little dab 'ill do ya."
That's not Gino, that's Schteve. Wadda you, serious?
by BJ Cleaver September 12, 2009
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The lowest order of burbery cap-wearing townie. Probably drives a Nova, almost certainly reads max power magazine, definately owns elizabeth duke jewlery. Can be found in the vicinity of other people called schteve, will usually depart after repeated punching.
"Y'aright Schteve?"

Yeah Schteve, how's it goin' Schteve?"

"Check out the big bore on ma Nova Schteve."

"Ah, nice one Schteve, looks reem Schteve."

Fucking pikeys.
by Monkey Handler November 23, 2004
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An intelligent poster on

While some views may differ, he represetns them fairly without ignorance, rather than the ever-so-common flaming that generally occurs among goers.
Did you see Schteve's definition of America? Brilliant, I say, brilliant.
by Avalon October 01, 2003
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