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The word schort is a variant of the word schlong only where schlong describes a penis that is fair to large in size, schort describes a small or tiny penis.
Luke: Hey Dave
Dave: Hey Luke, what you been up to?.
Luke: I've just been to the gym with Kyle. You know he's got a tiny penis.
Dave: No but I suspected.
Luke: Yeah, when we were coming back from the shower I noticed he was packin' a schort in his shorts.
Dave: You did, did you.
Luke: Yeah, it's tiny. I took a picture with my phone if you want to see.
Dave: I'm good thanks. Why'd you do that.
Luke: For my collection. You don't think I go to the gym to work out do you?
Dave: .....
Luke: .....
Dave: So..., Kyle's packin' a schort then
by cptchopper79 October 25, 2010
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