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The social order in which any high school runs from top to bottom.

1. Jocks/Preps/Sufer dudes- Made up of the school sports players, cheerleaders, and any Hollister or Abercromie wearing preps.

2. The school clowns- Although they aren't in number ones status they associate with them on a daily basis, and keep the school in constant laughter and fit in with any clique.

3. The Multi-Taskers- These kids run everything from the school paper, to Home coming they're extremely social but run a tight shift. My hats off to them.

4. The Drama crew- These budding Romeos and Juliets spend countless hours acting, singing, dancing and writing allowing contact with other students with similar interest and tend to talk to people with similar interest.

5. The Anime/Goth group- Very closely related to the Drama Crew most still work in that group but after winning their independence they formed they're own group led by Anime loving Gothic kids.

6. Teachers Pets- Almost like the School Multi-Taskers but annoying as hell, and always trying to bring others down.

7. Computer Geeks/Nerds- The imfamous nerds and computer geeks have been at the bottom of the school hierachy since the dawn of time.

8. Newbies- Although at the bottom there is a 90% chance they wont stay there long' if they talk to the right people they could very well climb to the top in no time.
See Cliques, jocks, preps they all deal with School Hierarchy.
by Kayeman Laner March 18, 2006
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