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A breed of dog, half pug, half schnauzer. Perhaps one of the cutest and loveable dogs you will ever meet.
Guy 1: Dude, what kind of dog is that?
Guy 2: It's a schnug.
Guy 1: That's a really cute fucking dog.
by SchnugMom March 12, 2010
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In the dictionary of weed, the term"schwag" is used to describe very impotent, basically any shitty(literally) strand of weed, which obviously costs little money. "Nug/nuggets," on the other hand, are strands that are very sticky, fresh, tasty, and very potent, which costs a lot of money(most of the time). Potheads and some occasional smokers like to buy a small amount of nug, and mix it with a lot of schwag, or in other cases, 1/2 and 1/2, or any other ratio for that matter. They do this either to save some nug for later, or to make it look like they have a lot of decent weed since this mix will get you high anyway. What do you get when you mix schwag and nug? Schnug!
Wesley: Yo, i got some dank nug.
Lloyd: Wanna match? I'll throw down $5 and put in all of my schwag to mix.
Wesley: Yeah man, I love smoking schnug.

Oliver: Yo, you down to smoke like a blunt or two of my schnug?
Johnson: How much?
Oliver: None man, I had little nug left, so most of it is schwag anyway.
Johnson: sweet, free smoke up.

Jimmy: Dude, let me get some weed off you, I know you got nug too.
Gary: Na man, I started runnin out so I mixed the rest with some brick.
Jimmy: Let me get it.
Gary: I'll sell you a 16th for $25, it's some gooood schnug.
Jimmy: All right.
Gary: (Dumbass)
by gookman June 17, 2009
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the ab. of "schnuggle with"
Essentially to cuddle/hug in an affectionate but cute way.
The only thing appropriate to do with AmazingPhil
"I want to schnug Phil so bad"
by ImNotPosh March 05, 2013
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