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Another word for stuff, used in order to make yourself seem slightly more classy and potentially retro.
"All of this prohibition schnaz has got me in the mood for a nice cup of brandy."
by Ronald W. Reagan March 07, 2012
Schnaz is another word for pussy, vagina, cunt.
Ohw my god, you should shave your schnaz baby!

Wow, that's a beautiful schnaz.

I love to eat the schnaz of my girlfriend in the morning.
by Nightbreed666 April 28, 2009
a very large nose, especially on a Jewish person
That guy has a schnaz like Toocan Sam
by Chris Tucker February 13, 2005
(/noun) A very large nose, usually longer than it is wide. From the German "Schnauze", meaning "snout". Also sometimes spelled "schnoz", with or without two Zs.
Would you look a the schnaz on that guy!

I tried to enjoy my lunch, but I couldn't get my sandwich past my enormous schnaz.

Chris doesn't know how to spell "schnaz".
by Ricky_Bobby2 November 14, 2013
The true word for shit. Schnaz was the first word spoken by god. He was all "Schnaz, this universe is tight."
Homie: Dame homie this schnaz is weak.

Homie the second: God i love children.
by thetruth. May 18, 2008