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Schnaz is another word for pussy, vagina, cunt.
Ohw my god, you should shave your schnaz baby!

Wow, that's a beautiful schnaz.

I love to eat the schnaz of my girlfriend in the morning.
#pussy #vagina #cunt #beaver #hole #schnasz
by Nightbreed666 April 28, 2009
a very large nose, especially on a Jewish person
That guy has a schnaz like Toocan Sam
by Chris Tucker February 13, 2005
(/noun) A very large nose, usually longer than it is wide. From the German "Schnauze", meaning "snout". Also sometimes spelled "schnoz", with or without two Zs.
Would you look a the schnaz on that guy!

I tried to enjoy my lunch, but I couldn't get my sandwich past my enormous schnaz.

Chris doesn't know how to spell "schnaz".
#schnoz #nose #honker #sniffer #smeller
by Ricky_Bobby2 November 14, 2013
Another word for stuff, used in order to make yourself seem slightly more classy and potentially retro.
"All of this prohibition schnaz has got me in the mood for a nice cup of brandy."
#stuff #classy #things #shnaz #schasz
by Ronald W. Reagan March 07, 2012
The true word for shit. Schnaz was the first word spoken by god. He was all "Schnaz, this universe is tight."
Homie: Dame homie this schnaz is weak.

Homie the second: God i love children.
#shit #feces #poo #poop #theshitofthebutt
by thetruth. May 18, 2008
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