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please see schmoopie.
one who is fond of schmoopie~ing others.
Julie is a schmoopie whore...or schmooples.
by Schmooples February 03, 2004
1. adj/noun can either be a synonym to dumbass, idiot or stupid. Conversely, it can also refer to a pet name, or something done out of pure joi-de vivre. schmoople can thus either have a positive or negative definition depending on the context and the familiarity of the person with whom you are talking with both you and the expression.
"how was your day?"

you're a real schmoople, you know that?"
by bunger1598 August 18, 2011
An old badger's ear
oh my that badger has a rather large schmoople!
by BarryChuckle727 July 09, 2014
A word that is almost impossible for a native English speaker to say three times, especially if trying to sound serious, or in conversation, without at least smiling
schmoople, schmoople :D damn it
by bunger1598 August 29, 2011