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A word, meant to screw up cashiers that work at drive-thru windows in fast-food restaurants, that is supposed to represent a mysterious food item on a menu.
Customer: Can I have one large fry, a large coke, and a Schmoogly Schmoo?

Cashier: Sorry, a what?

Customer: One large Coke, a large fry, and one Schmoogly Schmoo.

Cashier: Sorry, can you repeat the last item?

Customer: Oh, yeah, one Schmoogly Schmoo.

Cashier: Okay... *feels confused due to the fact that clearly she/he is the one with the hearing problem*

*cashier proceeds to insert a mystery item into the bag/register that sounds similar to the phrase "Schmoogly Schmoo"*
by beebsington April 24, 2010

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