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Exclamitive of derision.
1) Painfully clumsy. Much like the "Smooth move-Exlax" line of yesteryear.

2)Uncoordinated and awkward motion, also an incredible exhibition of one's inability to get their "groove on" especially the dance floor.

3)Lame "mack" moves. An inabilty to impress members of the opposite sex with corny, cliche or otherwise bad pickup lines!
Tripping over your own shoelaces, one is derided by his peers with the phrase: Schmo-motion clumsy!

That dude on the dance floor got Schmo-motion, or else he's havin' a siezure!

Failing to get a hookup, your homies say to you: "Schmo-motion dog"! "She wouldn't give you a second thought".
by rockmankelly September 04, 2006

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