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A small piece of something; remnants of something larger; something leftover; a small task, chore, or errand ; a pet name for someone ; the end of a bag of weed; shake
"Hey you dropped a little weed." "Oh its alright, it's just a lil' schmidling," proclaimed Benjamin.

Liz had a schmidling of ketchup on her face after she ate the hotdog.

Tom had to attend to a few schmidlings after he got off work.

"My little schmidling" (with accent)

"All I've got left are a few schmidlings." < You better get some more weed.

Note: Some choose to raise one eyebrow while using this word.
by schmidling September 05, 2012
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The performing of unneeded and somewhat laborious tasks in an inefficient manner.
Person 1: Dude, I just dusted off all the objects in that room and it took like, 3 hours

Person 2: Wow, That's a lot of Schmidling
by Edison1234 August 13, 2009

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