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used as a noun or verb (also "Schmebber" or "Schmebbing")
An 18-30 year old male or female who is doing absolutely nothing with their life. Their hobbies include sitting around their rich parents house, getting high out back, worrying about getting grounded, and going to high school parties. In the off-chance that they have a job it is for no more than 15 hours a week and they call in sick a lot. They like the band Korn because they feel unique and misunderstood. They also have the hygenic skills of a retarded chimpanzee.
verb: "Dude, we graduated 5 years ago and Mikes dating some 16 year old chick and just schmebbing it up at high school parties every weekend, its fucking sad."

noun: "Man, you cant light up a cigarette within 2 blocks of the bus depot without some Schmebb asking to bum one"
by Zeno B November 04, 2006
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