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Schlosser (sh-law-sir) (v): to reply unnecessarily soley for the sake of starting an argument
1. I totally just schlossered this guy, and he got so pissed that he threw his phone across the room.

2. I don't really understand what he's saying, but maybe if I schlosser him he won't realize it.

3. Please stop schlossering, Jared. I actually have work to do today.
by Jspizzle March 31, 2010
A short, heavy set, gnomish looking person. Prone to fits of extreme violent and destructive behavior for little to no reason. Very likely to attack a Geisen on sight, can only be controlled by the intoxicated version of a Bozarth.
Shit, here comes that Schlosser, get the taser and give Bozarth some drank.
by Ned McCaster November 17, 2007
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