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Girl or Guy so disgusting in their general behavior that you just can't describe them
Can replace any funny adjective in a sentence such as queer, fuck, stupid, bitch, asshole. etc..... with a YOU ARE in front
Person that is a perfect mix of a Slut and a Whore = Schlore
You are such a Schlore = dirty person
You are such a Schlore = big fat liar
by DaveDubs23 February 04, 2010

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A combination of a slut and a whore. A girl who will give it up easily and is always skanky.
Kristi was a schlore
by lalalalalampd September 14, 2010
an easy, roll off the tongue way of calling someone a slut, cunt, and whore, all at the same time
That girl is such an f-ing schlore with her flirtatious, skanky behavior!
by Jombo Rivers October 05, 2008