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An interjection of pure joy.
Oh My Schlenker!!
by amzysaurous April 03, 2011
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Noun: A versatile eating utensil, usually a spork with a jagged edge for cutting and a straw for a handle. See verb form: "to Schlenk".
1) John: "Gee, Cyndi, I am so very confused by all of the silverware at the table right now."

Cyndi: "Silly, you should have ordered a Schlenker. It would make eating a snap. And it's only $19.95 if you order now!"

John: "Now I'll be able to eat lasagna, tough steak, and chocolate pudding while drinking out of a juice box at the same time! Thanks, Schlenker!"
by ShrEnjoy August 19, 2011

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