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An Incredibly long, drawn out crap involving excessive amounts of grunting and ginormous Logs.
Dude, Ryan just clogged the Toilet with a huge Schlender! Gross!
by The Phi Tau's November 11, 2004

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ginormous nasty habit terrible that guy unpleasant
noun sometimes used a verb-(1)one who has the nasty habit of taking something normal and making a long drawn out and unpleasant ordeal out of it. (2) He or she that makes what sounded like a good idea terrible.
Normal Guy- Hey man let's go to Culver's THAT PLACE ROCKS
Group- YEAH! Great idea!
THAT GUY- Well...so...guys I was thinking that we should probably figure out a way to go to Culver's and type up a fitness plan so we can work off the calories
Group- Well actually Culver's doesn't sound good at all
Normal Guy- Dude... way to SCHLENDER it up
by thelonelyisland1992 April 12, 2011