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noun sometimes used a verb-(1)one who has the nasty habit of taking something normal and making a long drawn out and unpleasant ordeal out of it. (2) He or she that makes what sounded like a good idea terrible.
Normal Guy- Hey man let's go to Culver's THAT PLACE ROCKS
Group- YEAH! Great idea!
THAT GUY- I was thinking that we should probably figure out a way to go to Culver's and type up a fitness plan so we can work off the calories
Group- Well actually Culver's doesn't sound good at all
Normal Guy- Dude... way to SCHLENDER it up
by thelonelyisland1992 April 12, 2011
An Incredibly long, drawn out crap involving excessive amounts of grunting and ginormous Logs.
Dude, Ryan just clogged the Toilet with a huge Schlender! Gross!
by The Phi Tau's November 11, 2004
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