A cigarette, square, usually a newport... Used in context especially when smoking with a small group of friends after a long duration of work.
Andy, Adam, and Matt had a quick schleeb session on the 12th floor balcony.

"Bro you gotta spot me a schleeb, i've been hustlin all day"
by the G-Rock October 18, 2011
when resin drips in your mouth from a bowl or weed from a bowl, joint etc.. goes in your mouth and chokes you.
"fuck, puffy just schleebed in my mouth."

"Damn, that dooby just schleebed at me!"
by jjrk December 28, 2005
A cute cat.
A cute cat appears which makes one say: "Awww! It's a SCHLEEB!"
by Misterpew January 01, 2012

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