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When you take an asskicking in the midterm elections.
"I took a Schlacking last night" Nov 2nd, 2010
by Patrick Irish November 03, 2010
Someone who is obviously pretending to be drunk and is also being very annoying in the process!
Erin is Schlacking so much!!!!

I wish Jason would stop Schlacking he looks stupid.
by cooooooob August 09, 2010
to take any opportunity (or create one) to complain about your life in the most annoying way as possible in order to get sympathy and recognition for miniscule accomplishments.
Boy: Hey, can I borrow your math notes?
Girl: Yes, but my great uncle-in-law died today and I'm not sure if I'm going to be ok or not, because I tried to call my friend and tell him about my great uncle-in-law and he wouldn't pick up his phone even though I called him 8 times and left messages and sent him like 20 texts.
Boy: Damn, stop schlacking off, I just needed to study for the quiz.
by Ashtyn84 March 06, 2008

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