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Too drunk or stoned to move. In a vegetable like state. Refers to the look of Terri Schiavo, who in March 2005 was involved in major supreme court rulings on whether or not she would remain living off machines, or would be put to rest as her husband says she wanted.
"Dude! Look at me! I am way to schiavoed to do anything right now"
by Fast Eddie March 23, 2005
To get retardedly drunk
Man I got so schiavoed last night i wound up making out with some fat chick.
by joe April 13, 2005
getting fucked up to a state of mental and physical retardation
dude, lets all get schiavoed tonight
by bofanD October 21, 2008
To become so inebriated or stoned that one
is mostly brain dead yet has a placid or even happy exterior demeanor.
Man! After that 1/8 th of Kind we were way
by Theo April 06, 2005
When you are planning to get fucked up, retarded
I am going to get Schiavoed tonight
by Joe Sayre October 15, 2007
straight destroyed mentally, shit-faced
Dude, we got so schiavoed last night. This morning we found jizz on the dining room table. Nobody knows who it belongs too.
by matt thermopolis November 28, 2010
To get so incredibly drunk that you're in a vegetation like stage, and have no ability to function.
Person A: Dude, I just failed my Accounting test.
Person B: Same-sies.
Person A: I have a half gallon in my room, fuck it, lets get Schiavo (ed) tonight.
by Fuck the Huskies December 13, 2007
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