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Scepterface: This is a lesser known term (because I coined it myself and am trying to spread it to the masses) of the widely popular phrase "Butterface" This phrase is used for all women with a gorgeous body but unfortunately a face that compares to the ass of baboon.

Scepterface is the sly mans "Butterface" It is not yet known so you are able to call it out to females directly in their face or the immediate vicinity.
Goddamn!! Why? Jaimie has the nicest perky 36 C titties, curvy waist with a big ass to match........everything is perfect "Scepterface"
by The Big "O" July 14, 2009

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A girl with a smoking hot body and an ugly face (i.e. Everything looks good scepter face.)
Matt, "That girl has a really hot body, but her face is ugly."

Jeff, "Yeah she's a scepter face."
by dooshkanew August 22, 2009