A Side Kick cell phone owned & used by all scene kids
"hold on a sec, i gotta text that hottie on my Scene Kick"
by Kelsey Caruso January 28, 2009
Top Definition
In reference to the T-Mobile "Sidekick", because every scenester has one!
Hit me up on the scenekick. or I'm busy checking my myspace on my scenekick. (because everyone does)
by RenoAshley September 14, 2006
The sidekick telephone brought you by T-mobile, but since most scenequeens, scenesters, nd scene kids have them, it is known as the "Scenekick"
Scenester: Like my new Sidekick phone!? :D
Regular Person: Don't you mean Scenekick?
Scenester: D0N7 JUDG3 M3!
by fuxkyoscene July 26, 2009
Scenekick is pretty much a sidekick...... but wait here's the catch its not just a sidekick its a sidekick owned by a fageddy ass stuck up rich little brainless scene kid. They make it look like hot shit in their hands.
Dummy num 1- like omg do you see that scene kid with the newest scenekick like the kid is totally into it. They make it look sooo rada! Me- I don't give a rats ass!
by J. manniquin April 09, 2008
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