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In reference to the T-Mobile "Sidekick", because every scenester has one!
Hit me up on the scenekick. or I'm busy checking my myspace on my scenekick. (because everyone does)
by RenoAshley September 14, 2006
A Side Kick cell phone owned & used by all scene kids
"hold on a sec, i gotta text that hottie on my Scene Kick"
by Kelsey Caruso January 28, 2009
The sidekick telephone brought you by T-mobile, but since most scenequeens, scenesters, nd scene kids have them, it is known as the "Scenekick"
Scenester: Like my new Sidekick phone!? :D
Regular Person: Don't you mean Scenekick?
Scenester: D0N7 JUDG3 M3!
by fuxkyoscene July 26, 2009
Scenekick is pretty much a sidekick...... but wait here's the catch its not just a sidekick its a sidekick owned by a fageddy ass stuck up rich little brainless scene kid. They make it look like hot shit in their hands.
Dummy num 1- like omg do you see that scene kid with the newest scenekick like the kid is totally into it. They make it look sooo rada! Me- I don't give a rats ass!
by J. manniquin April 09, 2008