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Amusing, obnoxious entity found in natural habitat on the TJ's of newport message-board. Dislikes many, many people.
"Fine, fuck it, I'm quitting my band and never gonna pick up a guitar again. Why? Because Scenefucker was mean to me!"
by Dory March 27, 2003
21 29
A guy or girl who participates in a particular scene/fashion cult/band worship in order to have sexual intercourse with the other members of that scene or social group.
You know the girl that maintains flirtatious relationships with many guys, and that you know has had sex with several guys who maintain flirtatious relationships with all the girls and is the first to approach new girls? Those are the scenefuckers.
by orgonebox June 07, 2006
18 21
A slang term for a gay Welshman.
"I say Gareth, I ain't going in the Lamb and Flag tonight, it's full of Scenefuckers and I've got a sore arse as it is".
by Puge Henis August 02, 2006
12 21