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A person who thinks that everyone else is trying to become scene. May make sly remarks to friends as if they are making fun of another person's style. This person may think they were the original scene queen, or the one who started the trend in their area.
"That girl is trying to look scene, but she can't pull it off.", said the scene police!
by Worried and Uneasy Friend. August 08, 2007
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protectors of the scene. call scenesters out for being phoney. those who try to prevent their local scene from being swallowed whole by hipsters/scenesters/the like by telling them off. usually they don't have to balls to come back after being told off.
i showed up to the throwdown show in my little sister's jeans and fingerless gloves to score some scene cred, and some mosher dude beat me up. fucking scene police, i'm never going back.
by mawrocki June 21, 2007
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a great 3-piece suburban rap group from monmouth county nj created to rival hollywood undead from the west coast
scene police, scene, rap, music, faggot,
by hollywood hater February 25, 2009
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