Scene kids are a group of mindless idiots that are an exact replica of one another, whether they want to believe it or not. A majority of them come from wealthy families and most of them used to be preppy before the whole scene came about. They'll call themselves hardcore, yet if you tried to ask them hardcore means they couldn't give you an answer. Most of them are self absorbed and wouldn't dare to talk to anyone outside the scene. They all have shitty taste in music and favors a lame, no talented band that no one's ever heard of. They can't think for themselves. Music is their life, only because they don't have a life. They often live their life by lyrics. You ain't scene without the skinny jeans, white studded belt, dumb ass lip piercings, and nappy mullets. It's pretty typical for them to get stupid tattoos that they'll probably regret in 5 years. They like to give themselves nicknames like BaileyBrutal or MandyMassacre that don't apply to them. Most will claim to be bisexual. A lot of them claim to be gangster but since when did hardcore and gangster go together? The girls believe that one day they will be famous..on the internet. They wear make up like beetle juice and try look 80's ish...even though the 80's have been wiped out for over 20 years. They all think they're photographers only cause they can take a picture of themselves. Most of them convert back to their preppy ways after being tired of trying so hard. Luckily the fad is fading fast.
ME: Look at all those dumb fucks, do they look stupid or what?

SCENE KIDS: OHH EMM GEEEEE!!! Don't judge me. RAWR! I'm just trying to figure myself out.
by megan8312 February 14, 2011
A label of young people that has become more prominent in use over the past decade. Scene kids are usually aged 14 – 21. Sometimes older or younger. Scene kids older than 20 are commonly referred to as scenesters.

Scene kids are often mistaken for emo kids- and while there are many similarities there are also many differences. When emo music first became trendy in the 80s and 90s, ‘emotionally hardcore’ teenagers would go to these emo concerts. Today, emo music is still popular, and because scene kids go to ‘hardcore’ shows, they too often attend these concerts, and others will see them in the crowd with emo kids, and think that they are emo as well, as the two groups influence each other. (Thus, emo hair is popular with scene kids, and band t-shirts popular with emos). The term ‘emo’ is also often abused to the extent that many people categorize emo and scene as the same.

Scene kids are obsessed with Hello Kitty, dinosaurs, little kiddy things, and bright colors. They’re usually nice people, but will be offended if you call them ‘emo’. Some also do not like to be called scene, or labeled at all. Scene kids will often give the impression that they think that they’re better than everyone else, but it depends on the person. They are best friends with their iPod, computer and cell phone. Many people do not like scene kids because they think that they are unoriginal and all look the same, and are trying too hard, or are annoying, or unattractive. While this is true in some cases, it is ironic that most ‘normal’ people also dress similarly to each other, and scene kids will think that ‘normal’ people are not as attractive as themselves. In many places there is a mutual hate between scenes kids and non-scene kids for these reasons.

The aim of a scene kid is to get 1039289482 friends on Myspace and go to all the local shows. They are obsessed with music. They usually listen to bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco and From First to Last. Their tastes vary however, many listen to pop or rap as well, but screamo and rock are generally the most popular alongside metal, and such; anything hardcore, that 'normal' people don't listen too. 'FerSure' is their theme song. Local shows are one of the most important parts of being a scene kid, that's why they're called 'scene' kids. They're part of the music scene. The less well known the venue/band is, the better- as long as they're good, of course. :]

Scene kids are EXTREMELY vain. The most important part of their appearance is their hair. Girls will usually have a straight fringe, or more commonly an emo fringe swept to the side with cross clips. It will be wildly teased and their style icon looks like an electrocuted dead animal. Extensions are very popular, as well as clip in extensions of assorted colors. Scene hair is usually blonde or black with other colored sections or streaks. Often they will tiger stripe part of their hair. Unnatural colors such as blue and pink are very popular. Boys will also have either a side fringe or a flat fringe. It is generally shorter than a girl's hair, but will be equally as teased. Also note that the hair of both sexes must be dead straight. Curls or waves of any shape or form are unacceptable. Girls (and sometimes guys) will wear brightly colored clips or bows in their hair. They usually cut and dye their hair themselves, or get a friend to help.

The makeup is also crucial. Boys sometimes wear make up too. This usually only consists of black eyeliner and red eye shadow. For girls, the eyes are the main focus. They wear neon/bright colored eye shadows, or sometimes a dark black. The main idea is to not hold back on the make up. They wear an excessive amount of black eyeliner as well. False eyelashes are not that uncommon too. They often use the ‘wing’ effect of the eye shadow, or will draw Egyptian ‘flicks’ with eyeliner. Sometimes even draw in eyelashes with eyeliner. Point is, the first thing you notice about a scene girl is her eyes.

As far as clothing goes, this is the point where scene kids are often mistaken for emos. Fashion for scene kids is diverse, differing from location to location. Popular articles of clothing include skinny jeans, band t-shirts, studded belts (usually a white triple or double pyramid belt) ballet-like skirts, leggings, hoodies, fishnets or other wacko designed stockings, hobo-gloves, bright colors, zebra or leopard prints, skulls and polka dots are also popular. For jewelry, more is more. Strings of beads and pearls are essential. Rainbow beads are widespread; they sometimes wear cuffs or checkerboard sweatbands, and rings on girls. Shoes are equally as important. Girls will most often wear round-toed ballet flats, brands are also important when it comes to shoes. So keds and converse flats are popular. Converse all stars, vans, and DCs are what male scene kids generally get around in. The typical male scene shoe is the b/w checkerboard classic slip on vans shoe. Girls usually prefer the fandango colored one. Sorry for being too specific. >_>

Scene kids are known for being super hyper. They make friends quickly and easily. Some partner up well, but others seem to have fan bases of hundreds and jump around from partner to partner quite rapidly. Smoking is widely accepted through the scene community, whist a handful are straight edge, the majority of others will smoke socially. Scene kids who are straight edge will wear a bandana in their hair, the others will wear one around their neck, or sometimes tied to their pocket or bag; however, many non-straight edge scene kids will still wear a bandana in their hair. Piercings and tattoos are common. The most popular are snakebites, which boys have more commonly than girls, who usually only get a lip ring on one side. A monroe piercing is common too, as well as a septum piercing or a side nose ring. Eyebrows are uncommon but still accepted, as well as an anti-brow. Boys often have plugs, this is not as common with females, some scene kids also have industrials and navel piercings. Tattoos vary widely, however, stars on the hips and wrist are very popular.

All in all, scene is just a trend. It’s the same as being a prep or a skater. There are numerous exceptions to what’s written above. Hating all scene kids, or saying that all scene kids are hot or all look the same, is a large generalization, the same as saying that all blondes look the same, or that all Asians look the same- it’s just not true in all cases.
"She's so scene."
"He is a scene kid."
"My sister is a scenester."
by xMollie July 27, 2007
Someone who is expressing themselves through the music they listen to and make and the clothes they wear.
So what if all scene kids dress the same! All the emos dress the same all the goths dress the same all the moshers dress the same EVERYONE DRESSES THE SAME! When you walk down the fucking street and see something someones wearing that you like you buy something like it its not copying its just gathering ideas you retards! so fuck if scene kids listen to music noones every heard of who gives a shit if they like it what fucking matters.
by Non of your buisness April 23, 2006
many of these deffinitions of "scene" kid are pretty dead on, but i beg to differ like any "sub culture" not all "scene" kids are jerks, etc

i think the backlash against these "jerk scene kids" has just resulted in the mainstream infiltrating the underground culture of what has become "scene" and so lots of "jocky boys" who just want sex and "holla back girls" who just want sex have latched on to it...

there are quite a few nice perfectly respectable people that are "scene"
people who are scene looking and follow the ideals without all the negativity...duh
by guerrillaRock June 27, 2005
Scene kids are really adorable and usually extremely nice.
Scene kids are very lively and fun to be around.
Scene kids are often mistaken for emo kids. Scene is a mixture of emo and preppy and they like to go to shows (where the scene is). Scene kids will occasionally listen to a rap song.

A scene GIRL: is pale, wears flats, jeans, striped shirts, shirts with bands, big jewelry, animalfur-patterened shirts, camoflauge, short choppy multicolored hair with bangs sweeping over one eye.

a scene BOY: tight jeans, camoflauge, band shirts, black clothing, bandanas, black hair usually and often multi colored streaks in it as well that fringes over an eye.

81.6% of scene kids have a myspace. *not proven

you can often catch scene kids saying "rawrr," "you are the sex," "bang bang bang," "i'm a ganstaa," "adjectiveface," or "supnoun" on their myspace.
they also use words like "rad" and "stellar"
scene kids have cute obsessions with things like rocketships, cheerios, ninjas, or pokemon (for example).

cute scene girls are usually going out with adorable scene guys...and are always "madly inlove with one another"
scene kid (boy): "hey love, are you coming with me to the from first to last show tonight? its supposed to be rad."
scene girl:"yeah i heard that was gonna be stellar."
scene boy: "aww you ARE the sex" :) *kiss with no tounge*
scene girl: "pick me up later...i have to redo my makeup. i look like a retardface"
by Zebita February 20, 2006
Stylish man or woman, deriving from an "Emo Kid".
But unlike "Emo Kids" Scene Kids normally wear the complimentary colors or they do go with a smiliar style to the Emo fashion.
Scene kids are not "gay" as some people claim.
It is a style, not a oreintation.
They normally wear scarves, or bandanas in their back pocket.
They also have a very technical hairstyle with two or more different colors.
Sometimes, they are more morbid then "Emo Kids" but normally they are "brighter".
Scene kids are sometimes self-absorbed.
But that does not mean they all are.
Scene kids are also known as, Fashion Kids.
Scene Kids are not gay just anti-mainstream.
by Dillion Thomas April 19, 2006
A person (mostly teens) who is of a music scene (mostly indie, screamo, acoustic, etc.).

Female Scene Kid: Wears very tight jeans, sometimes with holes, flat shoes with bows or vans-one colored, band tees and/or old TV show tees, striped shirts, or shirts with poetic words or animals on it, a tight black or gray sweatshirt with a hood, hair: Short choppy hair with many layers, multi-colored with bangs sweeping across one eye, mainly with red, blonde, or pink highlights. A lip ring, gages, and thick eye-liner. Black or white studded belt (white is more scene)

Preppy Girl Scene Kid: Same Hair but less poofy and choppy, less multi-colored-ness in the hair, less tight but still very tight jeans, lacey shirts, or poetic words on the shirt- tight fitting, may wear a tan or brown cardigan sweater, big jewelry, flat, almost like ballet shoes, but with a small pattern and a tiny bow, and a lanyard-y, chunky belt.

Male Scene Kids: Tight plain girl jeans, sometimes they are shrunk a few times in the wash, checkered vans, a black or white studded belt (white is more scene), tight band tees, black or gray tight zip-up hoodies, lip ring and gages, short choppy hair with bangs. (scene boys mostly buy chick apparel)

Preppy Boy scene kids: Nice button-up shirts with an argyle type pattern sweater vest over it with the collar popped out, white studded belt, very tight dress jeans, either black dress shoes, or vans (has to match), might wear a blazer with a tight sweaatshirt or zip-up hoodie underneath
Hair: Either very straight and rounded with bangs over one eye or choppy multi-layered hair, if has to wear glasses, black thick rimmed is prefered, and a lip ring and size 15 gages.

im oh so scene.
I am so scene with my poetic words on my tee shirt by The Scene Aesthetic! I hope future scene kids follow me because im the scenest scene kid EVER!!!!! Kthxbai haha
by Thepreppyscenester June 20, 2006
Kids who have conformed to non-conformity. They claim to be anti-conformist and anti-mainstream, however this style is slowly BECOMING mainstream as more and more kids conform to it. The style derives from emo, and may even be mistaken as such. The bands that once had been really obscure and previously unheard of are now popular names. An overwhelming number of kids are conforming to this because it is the 'in' thing, and as such it is losing its very identity as anti-conformity.
Emo kid: I'm anti-conformist, no one understands me

Group of scene kids: lets all be anti-conformist too!
by BLKLJSF March 10, 2007
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