for the love of God, come on.
i mean, everyone makes fun of 'scene' kids or 'emo' kids for comforming to something that is supposed to be a symbol of non-comformity. You are all contradicting yourselves. Your saying that you want to hurt/kill/piss on?!? someone for the way they look? Has the human race honestly regressed that far back? take a look at movies like - mississippi burning, the pianist or to kill a mockingbird. Your acting the same way as the people in the movies. Your critisiing someone for their beliefs. I do not identify as 'emo' 'indie' or 'scene' but i do own vans slip ons, i do wear tight jeans, and i do listen to bands that the majourity of my classmates have not heard of. But just because my jeans are tighter than yours does not make me a lesser human being, or a 'fag' as you so delictaly put it. someone listens to obscure bands? Why the fuck do you care? get a FUCKING hobby. please. people who listen to unpopular music do so, for the most part, because music is a huge part of life for them, and seeing it slowly stripped down and sold for ratings waters down the concepts that the music originaly held. That is why they prefer to listen to bands that you dont know about, so that they DONT become like my chemicle romance, fall out boy, ect. If you still thnk that they are conforming, than think of this. People who go to AE or AF ae spending ALOT of money on the clothes they buy. Kids who go to vintage stores are buying cheap and for the most part really nice clothing. everyone, whether you want to admit it or not, has before, will in the future, or is copying someone. It doesnt make you a bad person though, it makes you a human, cause the sad fact is, that there is no originaly left, everything has been done. So if kids want to hold on to what they see as the last shred of originaly left in modern society, let them. and fuck off.
uneducated person's rant -
emo boyz and scene kids are such FAGS. with their girls jeans and eye liner. They are all trend followers! i want to kill them all because they listen to obscure music and wear clothes that fit well. i will also make durogatory comments about the size of their genitals, specualte about their sexual preferences and continuely judge them as a whole instead of everyone at a time. HARDXCORE

educated person's rant - (see above)
by starrr March 10, 2006
labeled as "diffrent".
They do look diffrent,
but only because they are not the usual preps and goths.
there pretty much a mixture of both if you think about it.
but now-a-days they are wearing nike's and prancing around in hollister clothing.

only a few can pull off the look.

style and music.
the two must-haves in the scene kid era.

oh yea, and most hate 80's music,
even though they are dressing like they came out of the 80's.
scene kids all have names on myspace that end with somethings like
"brutal" "gloom" "death" "vip" and so-on. and thier names typically have brackets around them ,
for example like


by andee woods November 25, 2006
Teens thinking they look cool by acting all loud & annoying & by using all the colors in the rainbow. They have good things also like they are really fun. But you know kinda annoying, mostly they are try-hards or wannabes. They can be super arrogant, because they think they look cool acting all stuck up.
Girls look:
-Black, One colored, or muliticolored choppy hair.
-Loads of make-up.

-Black eye make-up going for the panda look.
-nude lips.
-They look pretty.
-Colorfull & black clothing.
-They write words like "beetch, OMG etc..."
Guys look:
-Black, colored, or multicolored hair, with choppy bangs.
-Eye liner.
-Mostly black clothing.
-They listen to shitty screamo bands, even though they don't like it, they hear it because they think they look special.
-Annoying or fun personalities.
-Try to act all laid back.
-They love unicorns or nyan cat.
- Friendly or way to shy.
-Can be stuck up.
Random person: Scene kids are annoying.
Me: You're right.
by Randombeing3 March 23, 2013
Scene kids are annoying kids who take a million pictures of themselves. They claim they're "different" and "unique" but if you look up a scene queen they'll all look the same. Obnoxiously big hair, too small clothes, too much makeup. They love to complain about other people who live their normal lives. They instantly reject anyone who isn't scene

(anyone who's normal).
by Krazy K Killa July 04, 2012
Scene kids are a group of mindless idiots that are an exact replica of one another, whether they want to believe it or not. A majority of them come from wealthy families and most of them used to be preppy before the whole scene came about. They'll call themselves hardcore, yet if you tried to ask them hardcore means they couldn't give you an answer. Most of them are self absorbed and wouldn't dare to talk to anyone outside the scene. They all have shitty taste in music and favors a lame, no talented band that no one's ever heard of. They can't think for themselves. Music is their life, only because they don't have a life. They often live their life by lyrics. You ain't scene without the skinny jeans, white studded belt, dumb ass lip piercings, and nappy mullets. It's pretty typical for them to get stupid tattoos that they'll probably regret in 5 years. They like to give themselves nicknames like BaileyBrutal or MandyMassacre that don't apply to them. Most will claim to be bisexual. A lot of them claim to be gangster but since when did hardcore and gangster go together? The girls believe that one day they will be famous..on the internet. They wear make up like beetle juice and try look 80's ish...even though the 80's have been wiped out for over 20 years. They all think they're photographers only cause they can take a picture of themselves. Most of them convert back to their preppy ways after being tired of trying so hard. Luckily the fad is fading fast.
ME: Look at all those dumb fucks, do they look stupid or what?

SCENE KIDS: OHH EMM GEEEEE!!! Don't judge me. RAWR! I'm just trying to figure myself out.
by megan8312 February 14, 2011
scene boy: very tight skinny jeans, tight band tees, black vans, dark hoodies, dark straight hair sometimes hanging over their eyes, piercings and tattoos, studded belts, saggin pants so you can see their boxers, friendship bracelets, guages, listens to screamo or post hardcore, goes to shows and listens to local screamo bands, SExXY, SExXY, SExXY, usually a very fun and friendly personality if they like you, sometimes straightedge, oh and they are extremely SExXY,SExXY, SExXY
scene kid walks past group of girls
girls:"omg he's beyond sexy"
scene kid: smiles and keeps walking to look cool
by scenekidlover November 20, 2010
The most generic, ugly peices of shit in the whole world. Think they're so "kewl" because they have constant ugly, ratty sex hair and because they're "hardcore". Usually androgynous, like to say they're bisexual for publicity. They think myspace is going to make them famous one day, so they take pictures religiously, although most of them end up looking just like the last. They are very unoriginal, but like to say that people are "ignorant" for saying so. Words in their small, uneducated vocabulary often consist of "cunt, K00l, KTHXBAI, anything pertaining to or any alteration of the word 'Orgasm' (Scenegasm, dinogasm, orgasmosaurus)", and other barbaric gestures.

by My name is Abbi. September 23, 2010
Scene kids:
Kids who like to make a scene with the way they dress. Originally, this is what that meant. You were scene as long as your style was totally different.
However, this has changed only to include only these types of people:
-Long, choppy, colorful hair. (girl or boy)
-Hair accessories such as bandanas, bows, big hairclips are common. (girl and boy)
-Sparkles on the eye makeup (girl or boy depending on how gay the guy is)
-Lots and lots of black eyeliner (boy and girl)

Now, some idiots of the world will call the modern scene kids things like; Goth, emo, punk. This is NOT TRUE! Scene kids are all about the fashion and the music.

So your basic definition of a scene kid is, "Kids who like the make a scene in the world with their clothing and their music."
Guy: Look at that emo kid with his stupid gay bitched out hair.

Girl: You are such a moron, that guy is a scene kid. Totally different, go talk to him and he will most likely act like a perfectly normal person. Well maybe a little cooler and less preppy than a normal person, but still normalish.
by this_calls_for_sarcasm June 05, 2010

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